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How to remove (replace) a drive in Storage Spaces?


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There are no guarantees of course, but it is possible SpinRite could rejuvenate your drives enough to let you get the data off. Now, one word of caution: since SR gives drives quite a workout, it is possible it could finish off a drive that's close to physical failure. On the other hand, if you can't get the data any other way, what have you go to lose?


Yes, SpinRite works fine with data on the drives.


Oh, one other caution. On a drive with serious issues, SR can take a lonnng time to complete. A typical 2TB drive that has no issues will take from 60 - 130 hours. It seems to depend on the host system to some extent. Drives with issues can take much longer. Although very unusual, I once had occasion to run SR for just over 3 months on a drive at work that had vital financial data on it - it worked. More typically, problem drives will take a week or so.

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