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I just got an email from Pogoplug touting an offer of unlimited cloud space for 29.99 for one year and 49.99 after that. What they are offering seems like a too good to be true deal it seems.. Well for me at least. Here is some of there points.


•Unlimited storage and no file size restrictions


•Play all your music and movies from any computer or mobile device


•Share anything with anyone instantly--even large photo albums and movie collections


I did a fairly quick Google search and couldn't find much of anything if its truly unlimited and if they have any bandwidth restriction. So I come here asking if anyone has tried this service and what they thought of it. Also do you know of any restrictions they are leaving out. Would be nice to backup large amounts of files to a cloud system so cheap.


I may just spend the 30 bucks to find out for my self but was hoping to get a little bit more info.

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J Collison really likes PogoPlug, using the local and online version too I believe. I installed the desktop version to sync to

a local external drive and uninstalled. The issues was it would fail with certain files, not tell me why, nor give me a way to

fix it. Also, streaming from your local drive was slow, all because of my upload speeds of course.


With you storing on their servers, I don't know if they would stream from you or from them? That of course would make a

big difference. Overall, I've wasted $40 on a lot worse ideas before. And will the renewal fee be $40 or full price?

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