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Western Digital Red WD20EFRX 2TB $99.99


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I was just about to post this myself, but I thought I better get my order in before I post about it. Deals this good have a way of selling out really quick. Just bought two of these to replace some aging WDEADS20's. Plus I wanted to see how well the Reds would work in my WHS V1 box. The WDEADS20's are getting all but impossible to find at a good price. And when you do, the drive is usually already out of warranty even if it is still in the factory sealed package. To their credit, I have to hand it to WD's good Customer Service. I recently bought a NEW WDEADS20 from an ebay seller, but with a Nov 2009 Manufactured date. It was a good bit of trouble, but WD extended my warranty out a full three years from the date I bought it. Awesome!


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Good find indeed Dave. Best I can find at NewEgg Canada is $119.99, which isn't not bad, but it's still a $20 bill.


When are you going to move to the states where everything but the cold is better?

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