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Accessing Outlook e-mail archive stored on WS2012e?


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Have a rather specific challenge I'm trying to overcome and wanted to share w/ the resident HSS experts.


Currently, I have a series of Outlook *.PST files residing in a share on my WS2012e box. For example, 2010.PST, 2011.PST, 2012.PST, etc. Each contains an e-mail archive of my business e-mails.


I routinely remote connect into a client PC on my home network in order to 1.) locate a specific e-mail and 2.) fwd it to my office e-mail.


Although not the least bit efficient, it has worked for years (WHS v1, WHS2011 and now WS2012e). The challenge is that WS2012 allowed me to run the client PC as a Hyper-V VM whereas WS2012e doesn't.


Rather than transmogging my WS2012e to WS2012 just for a single Hyper-V VM, are there any other options that exist for running Outlook on WS2012e? I hate the idea of installing MS Office on my WS2012e box as much as I did installing iTunes (for use with ihomeserver app), but it hasn't caused any issues.


Thanks in advance for any insight.

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So far, my evaluation of the Office Maven's WS2012e add-in has been successful w/ just MS Outlook (2007) installed on the server for compatibility. I may evaluate the benefits of Outlook 2013 later, but not a requirement at this time. Very impressive add-in.

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You can always run the free ESXi hypervisor, and then you can run VMs on your box as you want. Then both the server and the client are running on top of a single hypervisor.


While I don't know how I feel about Office/Outlook 2013 yet, 2010 is a usability improvement to me over 2007. More polish.

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