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While many people are happy with the web interface and the easy links that Windows Home Server provides you with to RDP to your home PC's, some people like a quicker and more Hands on way to RDP. And alot of us including myself have many PC's they would like to connect to remotely with ease.

I manage a lot of servers for my job (owned and vendor). This requires me to have multiple ways to get into the servers (i.e. RDP, VNC, HP iLo,PC-Anywhere etc..) To make managing the way I connect to these servers a much easier task, as well cutting my response time to server login, I use a third party application called mRemote.

mRemote is an application that allows you bring all of these connections to one program. I have servers in my list that i connect to via RDP, VNC, HP iLo, All of these will open up within the mRemote App itself. You can also use it with Logmein.com and the one-click desktop shortcut. Third party apps such as PC-Anywhere will also open, but will open in its own window.

In the Home Server world, which is the area that these forums are concerned with, the app works fantastic. I have most of my PCs and my server, as well as one of my Friends' server all added. The WHS is on the default 3389 RDP port and all the other PCs are incremented by one on the external port (i.e. 3390, 91, 92) and redirected to the internal 3389 port of the PC itself.

I snapped a few screenshots and took a video capture to show you the features. This program is probably not for everyone, but I like tinkering here and there with my server and PC in my downtime at work. But, I also use it at home. If you are worried about your PC's being locked after you exit RDP, just take a look at Dave's blog post from back in February Here. Also, RDP is natively available in XP Pro, Vista Pro and ultimate versions, Win7 Pro and ultimate versions. But can be enabled in other versions.

mRemote version 1.5 is free and is the last version that will be available, since VisionApp purchased them and use their tech in the latest paid version of their software.

The mRemote download site is located Here

Here are a few screenshots


Editing config for mRemote. Here you can select to login as the console session and whether you want it to embed the session into your window or open it full screen by default.

Screenshot 2

Showing multiple PC's open with tabbed browsing

Screenshot 3

Youtube Video Link (Very Short and does not show a lot of features)


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Can a moderator move this to the Non Add-In Applications part of the forum? I put this in the wrong place.

And does everyone login via the website and not use RDP??

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That looked very interesting. I'll have to give it a looking over. I generally have been using Live Mesh for all my remote needs up to now. It's a bit slow but it works.

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We use TSRoyal to manage RDP Connections. I think the free version has limited number of connections (maybe 10) as I recall but for home use that would not be bad. We also use Logmein where RDP may not be possible due to Firewall access or something. I might check this app out as an alternative. Can you have a master file on the network and multiple people open it?

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I am not sure if you can do a live master file. I Added all of the servers from my work and saved the connections. Then I distributed the .xml file to my teammates and they imported them into their mRemote.

With this app you can also embed your logmein into it as well. save the logmein one-click shortcut to a certain pc to a folder. then point mRemote at that shortcut as an external application. It will then open it up inside the mRemote window.

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We have a master file on a share and we all run it from there, Multile can work of it you just have to close it and reopen it to see new changes after someone modifies it. I Copy the file to a mesh folder every morning (scripted)that syncs to my laptop so I have a recent copy to work from if I need it on my latop. We do 90% from RDP so I doubt we would change but will keep mRemote in the back of my mind if we ever want to look at something different. Thanks.

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