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WHS 2011 as VM inside Windows 8 server


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I have been following the chain of articles on wegotserved.com on using Windows 8 as a server and am really leaning towards making that jump. I am especially intrigued with having a Windows 8 home server in order to utilize its Storage Spaces and File History and then running Windows Home Server 2011 VM inside it for remote media playback, etc. Has anyone else actually tried this setup? Did it work?


I also have a practical question. I've had a WHS 2011 for the past 1 1/2 years with the following setup:

- AMD Phenom II X2


- 64GB OS SSD drive

- 1TB Data drive

- 2TB Backup drive


A recent brown out ruined my install (at least that's what I think happened) and WHS 2011's native install repair process couldn't find a working OS image. This may be because of the whole 160 GB OS drive requirement. So now I'm kinda starting again from scratch and am rethinking the most optimal setup. I just sold the CPU and RAM on eBay and ordered a Phenom II X4. Planning on getting 8GB RAM as well. But if I'm really going to follow Terry Walsh's advice, will the 64GB SSD be sufficient for Windows 8? It'll be always on, so I'm not terribly worried about the Hibernation file. I guess I'll be installing WHS 2011 VM on the 1 TB data disk.


What do you all think? I kinda feel like I'm groping in the dark and would rather talk it through than go down some routes that end in dead ends. Maybe my experience will help others as well!


Thanks. By the way, love the show!

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You didn't mention it, but I would add a UPS to your list. I have every computer I own on a UPS, and even my home theatre setup.

This. Period. In the years I've been using WHS, and an active member of We Got Served, I've seen *many* posts about computers dying after lightning storms, or power spikes, or many similar issues. Heck, I've had somebody crash into the power poles on my street. Not once, but TWICE. The first time, it cleanly cut off the power... the second time, not all the way. If I hadn't of had a UPS... it probably would have damaged my server. :(

Heck... you, yourself have experience with *why* a UPS is a good idea.


So yes, do yourself a favor and get one. NOW! :)


I'm happy with my APC UPS's. Though, IIRC, the higher the VA, the longer it will maintain power.

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Heck no. I love DIY. But the HP boxes are just sexy! :)

But I like to run the OS on bare metal, not a VM. But I like to get lower powered boxes. :)

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IIRC, the higher the VA, the longer it will maintain power.


Your recollection is perfect.


Volt-Amps (VA) is the correct term for what most people call Watts (although it's not a direct correlation; a formula is required to convert between VA and Watts).

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That is definitely a good point. I need to create a budget for a UPS. Which UPS do you recommend?


I like CyberPower best. I have four or five of them and they work great.


Thank you for the info on the UPS. Any thoughts on the whole WHS 2011 VM inside Windows 8 server thing?


I would not put a server that is backing up my clients in a VM. If you are just creating shares, then go for it if you don't have the budget for a bare metal install.

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