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Power Pack 3 experience


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All in all, a mixed experience with getting to Power Pack 3 today, but I did get it working fine in the end, on 2 WHS self-built boxes. Now my 4.5TB of data on my 5TB beast (4 drives) are acting fine again, for nearly 2 years now (since originally built), and I've learned the hard way to stay clear of most add-ons.

First, the automated upgrade was acting strange, when trying to use Home Server Console, would show a Windows Update Error, then logoff. Specifically, it said

"Windows Home Server Updates Failed.
Windows Home Server updates installation can not complete. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please restart the server."

So I RDP'd directly to the desktop later, and noticed it had rebooted, and showed this message when trying to launch the console from the RDP session (locally):

The previous attempt to open the Windows Home Server Console was not successful because there was a problem with he following file: HomeServerConsoleTab.Disk.Mgt.dll. If the problem persists, please uninstall the add-in associated with this file and try again.

To try to open the console with this file again, click Retry. To open the console without the features associated with this file, click Skip.

So I uninstalled this Add-on of course, the offending version was Now logins to console that used to take 20-30 seconds take only 2-5 seconds, nice. And Power Pack confirmed to be installed, although another manual run of Windows Update thru the Console found 2 more patches that required yet another reboot.

Next, found on some Windows 7 x64 systems, my connector software was already upgraded (files dates 10/7/2009 in c:\Program Files\Windows Home Server), on others, tray icon was red, and offered for me to update. On those with non-admin login, had to logoff and login as admin to get it to install, but that's fine.

Tonight will know if automatic wake up to backup finally works (never seemed to work under Power Pack 2 for me, even with workaround to configure Wake System for Timer Events configured).

Finally, on a second Windows Home Server in another home, could get to Remote Desktop Connection of Home Server using known password, but when trying to upgrade the Connector, it kept insisting on wrong password.

Followed these directions here:
Run secpol.msc
Drill down through Local Policies | Security Options.
Find Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level.
Set this Send NTLM response only
Reboot the Win7 machine and you should be in business

And it worked!

So all in all happy now, but will have to wait and see how the backups go these next days, and retest a bare-metal Windows 7 x64 restore as well.

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It may have been Windows Home Server Disk Management Add-In But then after the above post, I found I had similar problems when I added AutoExit 2009 for Windows Home Server back in, so had to uninstall that as well. So, I don't know for sure.

So now I have just the following Add-ins:
GridJunction 1.4.0, Whiist 0.8.2, and Windows Home Server Toolkit 1.1
That's it, and all is well.

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You'd think that add-ins would be isolated from being able to affect such things. Something probably slipped by QC/testing somewhere.

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I should be very careful here, I have sinned (installed some minor utilities right into Windows Home Server desktop, a no no of course). So I can't really conclude anything about the reasons for the above experiences. I just want to put the raw info out there, just in case it helps somebody who has similar experiences. I'm not trying to bad-mouth useful add-ons (that I miss): they very likely work fine for many others.

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We really appreciate you giving some feedback and hopefully this information will prove useful in the future should someone else run into a similar problem.

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