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Calling all Acronis gurus


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I need help with Acronis. I find it to be one of the most confusing, non-intuitive interfaces I've ever used. It's frustrating.


So far, what I have managed to get working is Disk Backup and Recovery. This is the one you get when you select Backup And Recovery then Multiple paritions selection then Switch to disk mode. I have used this successfully to backup hard drives and restore them to other drives. BTW, why is it so hard to get to Disk Mode? Do they not want you to use it? The procedure to get there is about the most unintuitive thing I've seen in years. It makes me want to smack someone at Acronis. :angry: Seriously Acronis??


What I'm really wondering is if/how you can use Partition Backup to back up the partitions on a boot drive, then recover to a new drive and ensure it's bootable. Very often, when I try to recover partitions to a new drive and select the destination, I get errors such as "not enough space on destination" when there is actually tons of space, or I get "the operation failed" if it gets to the point of actually trying to do the recovery.


To facilitate specific answers, let's take this example: I install Acronis, and the Plus Pack, on my WHS2011. Now I want to back up the OS live (but not the data, which is on another drive) and be able to restore the backup to a new drive; one that's of equal or larger size.


How would you do this?

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