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RWA - Pictures appear I don't want to see them, how to remove?

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I just found the below on a Technet article. As far as I am concerned all my Music album art JPG fies are already all set to HIDDEN. Will have to double check this:



Pictures and videos under Music share shows up in RWA media library





Windows Home Server and Windows Storage Server 2011 Essentials currently agregates all media items into a single Media view. This causes music album art and other jpgs which not under picture share to be included in pictures view on RWA. This is not consistent with other media applications like Zune software and Windows Media Center, and people might argue that only music items should be included under music share.


To reproduce this issue:

  • Put some picture files under music folder.
  • Log onto RWA, and you will see the pictures show up in media collections.

Root Cause:

There're couple of different reasons:


1) The behavior comes from backend DMS stack, which is consistent with the DMS built in with Windows Media Player.

2) Part of the "issue" brings some benifits also, e.g., for videos in photo share, which is common for many digital cameras, will have a chance to surface to user.

3) Please note, music album arts will NOT show up in photo view by default, as long as they are hidden which is true by default.


Set your music album art as "hidden" in its file attribute if you don't want them to show up in pictures view on RWA.

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OK so I looked in the RWA Pictures Library again there is a Music folder in there with music art related images. I checked several of them and looked in their folders on the server, I noticed these image files were .PNG files. I previously ran the attrib +H *.jpg /s command on the root of the music directory, which obviously would not affect these few .PNG files.


I have now deleted the offending cdart.png files and the Music folder in the RWA - Pictures area has now gone. Case closed!!


Maybe XBMC created these cdart.png files? When I was testing XBMC, as I don't remember adding these cdart.png files myself. .

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I have also had to run the attrib +H *.jpg /s command on all my movie folders, to try and stop movie related pictures / artwork from appearing in the RWA - Pictures Library. As yet these images have not disappeared from view.


Does anyone know how to exclude certain videos from appearing in the RWA - Video library ? I tried removing that folder from the Indexing on the WHS.


Why oh why didn't they make it so you could just select which folders you wanted to appear in the RWA Media Libraries ?

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