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Nice, But How Is The Airflow?


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Airflow appears to be adequate given that it has no front, top, bottom or back. lol

$400!! Tell 'em their dreamin".

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To be honest, I don't even really like the looks of it. At least the Lian-Li PC-CK101 train chassis is whimsical. I'll pass on this weird beast.

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Anybody above 30 would find that hideous. I'm 40. :D My generation wants computers to be hidden in the basement or stowed inside a closet.


The design reminded me of the Ducati Monster:



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Guest no-control

In Win must be smoking the good stuff.....$300?


I need to go setup a jig in the race shop and start cranking these out for half the price and still make 400% profit! And it would be made in the USA! I'm in the wrong business!


It is pretty ugly.



I would like a case in the shape of the 2014 corvette. It is awesome.


pick up a 1/10 scale lexan corvette body and build a SFF PC in it.

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