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Windows 8/Pro Pack/Media Center: Feb 1 deadline


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Hey so I have received my emails with my free code for Windows Media Center on Win8. I was reading though the fine print and not only do you have request the email before Jan 31, but you must also activate the code in Win8 by Feb 1. For me this is two problems. First my current pc is windows 7 and it looks like this might be pushing me to upgrade to windows 8 sooner than I was planning. I think I might be able to get around this by using dual boot.


The second issue is what to do about computers that are future projects and have not even been built yet? Do you think if I just activate it in a virtual machine, I will be able to reinstall it later on a physical machine? I am not sure I want to rely on that strategy. My other thought is what about creating a virtual machine and activating the media center key and then using some disc cloning software to put it on the physical box when I get it built. I also don't have a timeframe in mind for this. The virtual machine might sit around for three months or a year. I don't know when my next build will be at this point.


Do you guys think this would work? If so, what cloning software would you recommend to go from a virtual machine to a physical machine?


Is anyone else worried about the Feb 1 deadline or do you have any other plans for this situation?

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I'm not really worried about activation. As I understand it, the cost for the WMC add-on is only $10. If I don't get my free WMC's installed in time I'll just buy the add-on.

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