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EX495 locking up - Hard drive issue?


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I upgraded the RAM in my ex495 to a 4gig stick. it ran fine for a few months. Now recently the whole machine seems to lock up randomly. The only way for me to access it when this happens is to hard power it off (hold in power button) and then power it back on and wait for a good 10 minutes for it to come back online. The machine has 2 drives. The 1.5tb in there and a 2tb. All part of the storage pool.


I have been thinking this is a possible hard drive issue. I was down ther elast night trying to migrate stuff off. (i only have a 750gig drive) and during the copy i heard a click which caused me to get the boot off of my terminal service session into the box. I then ran through the routine above to get it back but it is leading me to believe maybe this is a hard drive problem? I don't know with which drive.


Anyone else seen this? Any way to verify?


if i have to rebuild should i throw 2011 on it? A big driver for me to move to 2011 is i have a 3tb drive that i haven't been able to use as the machine currently does not recognize it. I don't care if i have a storage pool or not and don't know what other, if any negatives there might be? What do folks think of doing this?


Thanks for the help.

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Can you say "Click of Death"..... I knew you could :)


Seriously, hard drive clicking can be a sign the drive is truly dying. It can also be a sign of bad sectors that the drive is trying over and over to read. SpinRite can often correct the bad sector issue, but it can't do anything about drives that are developing mechanical problems.


The first thing you should do is back up any data you might have on any of the drives.

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Thanks for the replies. It is odd as it doesn't click over and over again it is like one slight click and then the leds shut off and it shutdown. often when i go and look at it is not shutdown it is simply sitting with the HD lights off but the system seems to run. You cannot connect to it at all and cannot shut it down without holding down the power button.


I have been attempting to back stuff up off of it but i am lucky if the thing stays up for 20 minutes. with 3tb of stuff on this thing I am finding it challenging but I suppose this is the only way right?


Does spinrite run automatically or how can i kick that off to attempt to fix any bad sectors as maybe that is the issue.

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