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Lol i am new so bare with me lol


RAID 5 with 6 would be 5 drives for the storage and the 6th as the OS?




6 drives in a RAID 5 array and use a 7th as the OS?


Sorry read that wrong lol


Use a RAID 5 with 4 drives got it

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You do not want the OS on a data array. Use one drive for the OS and then move the predesignated shared folders to the array.

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Right got it,


Just doing lots of reasearch before i buy/put togeather the home server. There seams to be a lot of noise about how you cant back up more than 2TB in windows home server 2011 but if you use third party software (like robocopy as said above in the topic) then backing up more than 2TB is possible??


If i felt like movies are critical to back up then what ever i use in storage..... To back up ALL data i would need the same storage for that backup ?


How would one back up to drives outside the server case? Like the caddy box in the pic from the link someone posted?


Would like to say thank you all for your info/input

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External drives are just another drive as far as WHS is concerned. The 2TB limit is for the OS /Server. If all you need to do is backup the data, then an equal amount of data space would be needed and you could write the robocopy batch file, save it as a .bat (batch file) and run it under a scheduled task.


Now here is where I bust your bubble. The backups are no good if both copies are in the same location. Something has to be off site in order to be secure.

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For backup it's often possible to use somewhat less storage than you have in the main pool. For example, if you look again at the photos I linked to, you will see that I have 3 drives in each offsite drive set. However, I have 4 drives in my main pool. Basically, you always want some headroom in your main pool, but you don't need very much for a backup set.

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Don't confuse server backup with server "plus data" backup. The two will not combine. The server backup is for the server OS ONLY. A backup of the data would require some third party solution be it cloud based or solution based with a drive rotation.


Erm, I don't think that is strictly true. The Server Backup function in the WHS 2011 is agnostic - it will backup whatever you tell it to do. It does NOT just backup the OS. Of course, if you've got oodles of data, you'll reach the 2TB backup limit, but that's a separate issue.


I use the Server Backup function to backup both the OS and my critical data - and the backups are held offsite. Fortunately, the combination comes in at under the 2TB limit. For non-critical data, I use Allway Sync to make off-site copies.

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^^True . Hard to keep all this stuff straight. I uses a site to site VPN for backing up with RoboCopy. I don't much worry with the OS since it is virtual.

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Hello it's me again


Since i last commented i have not got very far because of money lol


But i have made a small home server out of an old pc with a 1TB hdd for my storage


Now i want to replace the 1TB with 2 2TB hdd's what raid array would be good for that? Raid 0?


Also would raid be good for backup storage or would a NAS be better? Or maybe the other way round ( NAS for storage and a 2 drive raid array for backup's?)

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