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Hi all i need some advice.


I want to build a home server where i can put all my data on (programs/docs/movies/music) e.c.t.


I have been doing alot of reasearch and trying to find out what would be best for me.

I think i understand raid was thinking about using 4 X 2TB in a raid 6 would this work?


I was also thinking about using whs 2011 but from what i have read if i have 5TB data i want backing up i cannot back it up only 2BT of it?


So some questions are,


4X 2TB in raid 6 will this work?

What os? Whs 2011 or hs 2012?

How to backup over 2TB of data?


Some help and advice for a newbe would be nice thanks

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I also dont understand about the client backup/restore


I mean if the idea to have all data on the server then why would a client backup be anywhere near 2TB


And if all data stored on the server then why would you need to restore a client? Surely if a client went down you would just re-install windows on the client pc and connect to the server again?

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Let's get some basic out of the way first, and welcome to the forums.


WHS2011 will probably be easier for you to manage unless you have experience dealing with a Domain setup which is required for WSE 2012. Now, having said that, the clients for WSE 2012 do not have to be domain members in order for for the client backup mechanism to work. There are several posts here dealing with that.


The server backup is limited, for now, to 2TB but there are some rumors that changes are coming. Don't confuse server backup with server "plus data" backup. The two will not combine. The server backup is for the server OS ONLY. A backup of the data would require some third party solution be it cloud based or solution based with a drive rotation. RAID is not a backup solution. You could run a RAID 6 setup with the 4 drives but you would only have about 4.1TB usable space.


Client restore is an issue with many ends. Some people like myself, push all data to the server so I care to backup for a client is the OS and System reserved partitions for a bare metal restore. Works great. By keep data on the client and backing it up from there, you do in affect have two copies now, the client and the backup.


That should get the conversation started.

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Welcome to the forums hdjmings1.


To follow on from what jmwills posted:

  1. I wouldn't bother with RAID6 if you're only using 4 drives - you will lose half the space. If you were running 10 drives, or more, then I would use RAID6.
  2. As jmwills said, "RAID is not a backup". RAID is for redundancy: i.e. it helps keep a system running longer; for example, if a HDD fails. It doesn't take care of theft, vandalism, fire, flood, tornado, or any other disaster.
  3. A good backup strategy includes offsite backup: i.e. at least 1 copy of the data that's at a location separate from the server's. Here's a link to a couple of photos of my server setup, with some explanation:
    http://homeserversho...y/page__st__140. The photos are about 3/4 of the way down the page. You can also find more info by searching for "good backup". One of the pages that search will find is http://homeserversho...1373#entry51373. The last 3 posts on that page cover more about backup strategy.
  4. With WHS2011, and I believe WSE2012, Server Backup and Client Backup are 2 separate things. Even though the default for Server Backup is to back up all the drives attached to the server, like jmwills, I use it to back up only the server's OS partition. I use RoboCopy to back up the data, both for NearLine and for OffSite. This strategy ensures I never run into the 2TB issue for server backup. None of my client computers have more than 2TB each, so I don't run into the issue there either.
  5. "Surely if a client went down you would just re-install windows on the client pc and connect to the server again?". The main reason for bare metal restore is to avoid exactly the scenario you describe. Reinstalling Windows, installing all the updates, installing all the applications, setting up all the preferences, and tweaking the system will take the better part of a day. It takes long enough that, at my age, I can see my coffin getting a little bit closer :) Not to mention, who can remember all the tweaks they've done to their system (shortcuts, Library entries, browser favourites, etc)?
    Bare metal restores from WHS2011 or WSE2012 usually take less than 30 min., often take less than 15 min., and almost always take less than an hour. That's a pretty big difference from a fresh install.

Again, welcome. I'm sure you will find there are many friendly, helpful people on these forums.

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Thank you all for the advice.


What RAID would be good for 4 drives?

So with the backup you backup the OS and same for client backup (just OS)?


So if i had say 5TB of data and i want to back this up, how would i do this? Would i need to invest in another batch of drives adding up to about 7TB ( little more for backing up more data) so i would need another 4 drives just for back up?


Or does it compress it and put it into an ISO type file for back up?

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It might help if i tell you what im hoping to do.....


I want to build a home server that all data is on, i have over 400 dvd's i want to put on it, then say another pc can connect to that server pick out a film to watch and watch it as the pc(client) will be hooked up to tv via HDMI?


Also other pc's can look at pic's, play music e.c.t. None of the data would be on clients, just server............ This could be done?

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Yes, as in my first post. All of my data is on the server. You can do this by using the Libraries function on the client to point to the Server folders.

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Right if i had 4X 2TB drives for main storage i would need the same again for backup ?


And one drive for server/client OS backup?

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Only you can determine how much of that data is actually critical to be backed up. Movies are not critical as far as I am concerned, The drive for the server backup will appear to be offline in Disk Management. Don't worry about that part.

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