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Errors exist in clent backup - What triggers this ?


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I've been unsuccessfully chasing this issue for nearly 6-months on both Home Server 2011 and Server 2012 Essentials. I keep getting corrupt client backup messages. I've done all the recommended things, run Chkdsk on all drives, server and client, even downloaded the drive manufacturer utilities to check drive and SMART reporting, reformatted and re-installed the OS's, changed hardware, reinstalled diffeent server software (WHS2011 to WS2012Essentials) and swapped client backups and server backup drives.

On a fresh sever install after the second client backed up, I got the "errors exist" alerts, so I deleted the backup found to be corrupt and started again. This time I attempted to find the files by starting with a basic backup and then adding additional folders each time and after each backup running ConsistancyChecker, but got no corrupt files this way? After a couple of weeks of not adding backups I backed up a fresh install of Win 7-Ultimate 64-bit and ran ConsistancyChecker, it completed successfully and no alerts.

Two hours later I decided to back up another computer and noticed that the server now tells me that there are errors in the client backup. This is only two hours after ConsistancyChecker ran and it has not run again. What task ran on the server to decide there are now corrupt files???? I could only find the tasks MAC status reporting, Alert Evaluations and Alert Email Evaluations had run.

How do I find out what created the corrupt file alert or notification???


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