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Home Server SMART Breaks when Upgrading 2012 to 2013


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Hi all,


We released Home Server SMART 2013 just before Christmas, but it sounds like some folks are having difficulties if they perform an in-place upgrade from HSS 2012. We have an official blog post here that describes the problem in more detail: http://dojonorthsoftware.net/ssd/?p=51


If you have not yet installed HSS 2013 and are planning to do so, please uninstall HSS 2012 first, if you have HSS 2012 installed. Then install HSS 2013. You will not lose any of your settings.


Sorry for the inconvenience. It appears WiX doesn't handle the changes to some filenames and doesn't uninstall the old ones cleanly (if upgrading). If you uninstall 2012 then install 2013 this problem does not occur.



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I did the upgrade without removing 2012 it was ungood


I got it to the latest vesion as per instructions you posted


however it still does not read any disks thru a raid card thus still making this addon kind of useless for whs 2011 except for checking a occasional USB drive


I am using a Areca ARC card to support 20 drives and would really like to have SMART info on them


the areca software can read it through http of sorts

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