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Help me figure out what to do with my WHS


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Right now, I have a MediaSmart EX490 running WHS V1 which I upgraded to 4GB ram and a core 2 duo e8200. My digital hoarding has filled my 5TBs of storage, but I still have one open slot in the WHS. I’m trying to figure out what my next step is for my WHS. I have a WHS 2011 DVD sitting on my desk from the first price drop. I use my WHS to store Media Center Recordings (including connector), some file storage, and backups.

My concerns going in are MS’s abandonment of Media Center and potential replacement with xbox 720 and less need for an image based backup as I move to Windows 8.

Here are my options as I see it:

  1. Shove another 2TB drive in the V1 box and be done with it. This is the easiest option.
  2. Install WHS 2011 in the EX490. This will allow me to use a 3TB drive to migrate my data to the new server and give me an extra TB of storage.
  3. Turn HTPC in a Windows 8 “Server”. If I want an image based backup, I can run WHS2011 in a VM.

Right now I’m leaning toward #2, but I’m open to suggestions. Any thoughts?

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I have a EX470 with 4GB ram and a BE-2300 CPU. It's not as fast as a EX490 with e8200, but I continue to use it heavily along with the HP Video Converter and Video Collector software. It serves me faithfully. You do have a few option if you stick with WHSv1 but you have to be willing to try a hack. When I had my EX490, I was able to replace 3 of the pooled drives with 3TB drives, there is a How To on this. The system drive has to stay 2TB. Your next option is to add a JBOB external enclosure like the Sans Digital through the esata port, the EX490 supports a 5 bay enclosure. So you have lots of room to expand, the drives for the enclosure can be 3TB drives if you use the hack or else just use the 3TB drives for backup of your existing shared folders as a sort of folder duplication. Sticking with these options allows you the benefit of DE''s 1 large drive pool. If the server's not giving you any grief, I would take option #1 and expand.


Option 2, True you get to use 3TB drives right out the gate ( just not the OS drive), it's a more modern OS and you can buy it for as little as $35. You could add the StableBit drive pool addin for $20 and get 1 large drive pool you had from WHSv1. There is even a case light's driver that will bring back the HP functionality case lights.

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