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Homegroup problem


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Thanks, but my problem is not fixed yet.


Neither of the PC's that I am using are joined to the Homegroup, including the PC that I originally created the Homegroup on when it was Windows 7. The problem is that now that it is Windows 8, my user account is different. When I go into Homegroups it tells me that one was setup by the old user account that was on this PC but that user does not exist anymore.


So I have no way to find out what the password was since no computers are joined to it. I cannot create a new Homegroup since both computers think that one already exists on my network.


I have shared the printer on the Win 7 PC, but I am still unable to see it on the Win 8 PC so that is why I am trying to get the Homegroup to work...

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Have you tried creating a Homegroup on the Windows 7 machine, then join the Windows 8 machine to the new Homegroup?


I can't do that either. The existing Homegroup is detected on my network so I cannot create a new one and I don't know the password to join the existing one.


There appears to be a Homegroup trouble shooting app built into Windows 8;




Looking, but not finding anything helpful yet. Most of the problems involve just leaving the Homegroup...which I can't do.

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