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Installing MSE in WHS 2011 from command prompt

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Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get an automatic prompt if MSE finds a problem? I understand that I'm suggesting a monitoring tool that comes with enterprise-level malware tolls, but maybe there's a registry that changes, and can be monitored.

Christian Johnson built an addin for WHSv1 and IIRC was developing the same for WHS2011 but was never completed. Maybe you can ask him if he has something workable. http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1245-micosoft-security-essentials-notifier-add-in/

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How adapt are you at scripting?


I've done some pretty sophisticated scripts but it would require research on my part and I don't want to invest that kind of time. If a similar script already exists I can edit it appropriately, assuming I knew where to find the log entries. As of right now, I don't.



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