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SSD advice, migrating EX490 to WHS2011


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thanks all,


really great forum. I have been listening since HSS #1 when Dave started out on his own, but I haven't had that much need to touch anything really since then. My first WHS build was homemade (desktop PC with a Pentium 4 processor). I got my parents a EX490 and migrated to a Microserver with WHS2011.


I'll look arond for a WD red harddrive as OS drive for my parents.


With regards to the EX490 WHS install I plan to follow these guides from mediasmart.net. It'll be a learning opportunity :-)


Thanks for all the good comments. Enjoy the holidays all

- Chr

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Regarding the WHS2011 install, I did it on my Acer H340, which is very similar to a MediaSmart. I started the install on my Win7 Desktop machine, so I would have KVM. At the first reboot I shut down the computer and moved the drive to the H340 and let it continue. The 'trick', if you can call it that, was to find out the URL I had to go use in order to continue/complete the installation. I don't recall, but I suspect it will be in the instructions on mediasmart.net.

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Hi Ikon,


I'm going to try to follow this approach


1: create usb flash key install media with unattended install cfg.ini file



2: Install on ex490 mediasmart using the guide:


hopefully be able to access system with http://servername/connect or http://ip-address/connect .


3: Install LED support



4: Install 64bit mass storage controller



Then start adding drives and restore shares with data (music, photo etc.)



I'm reading and reading forum posts and found this article on WD and advance format harddrives


is it safe to use a WD red drive as OS drive? WD Red WD10EFRX 1 TB also has the Advance Format as far as I can tell from the specifications.

Is it just the WD Green drives that are problematic?


- Chr

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hi Ikon,

yup - it's a good tip to add the drive to a desktop pc and run the install from there and then add it to the ex490 when it's time for first boot up.

It'll be an adventure :-)

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  • 5 weeks later...

Hi all,


Just a final update. The process went smoothly. I created the usb install disk on a win7 64bit pc and added the config file.

I added just one drive in bay 1 on the mediasmart server and inserted the usb install stick in the lowest usb port on the back of the mediasmart server.

I then added power and lan cable and pressed the on button.


The mediasmart booted up and I could hear from the harddrive that it was doing something due to the "writing sounds".


The unattended install process took quite a while. Initially the mediasmart appeared under network as "Server" later on it changed it's name to the name I had defined in the config file. After about 70-90 min I was able to remote desktop into the server. I then rebooted it, installed all relevant updates, mass storage driver and the LED support. Then I installed synctoy, crashplan and the SMART addin. I'm now restoring the data shares and running a server backup.


So far everything seems to be going really well.


thanks for all the help guys


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Thanks for reporting back; glad it's all working well. I'm sure the info will be valuable to others. And don't be a stranger. It's a great community; the more people who contibute, the better it gets :)

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