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Hi Guys,


I'm looking to migrate my virtual machine (2012E) from Hyper-V to a physical box in the near future and am wondering if anyone has done a V2P like this? I have done P2V many times but this is not the same.


I don't want to rebuild the 2012E and have to add all of the client computers again as well as reconfigure all of the software.


Anybody have experience doing this or any ideas?

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I haven't done it but recall someone doing it last year and saying it was pretty easy. I am sure someone who has done it will chime in soon.

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Here you go!




We refer to this as V2P conversions.


Looks like that article only talks about P2V and V2V. I'm looking to go V2P.


Been doing a bit of research on this last night and it looks like the only way I could do this now is to eaither


1. Restore this virtual machine on the physical hardware and let it redetect all of the hardware and cross fingers.

2. Use a 3rd party tool that supports 2012E (haven't found one) to migrate the image over to new hardware.


I think I'm just going to install Hyper-V on the box I want to migrate to and put 2012E on it alone so it has all of the resources of the machine. Not my desired result but probably better than having it share all the resources with my other VM's on this box.

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VmWare has the tools, but that's another platform. Within Windows, you will have the .vhd or .vhdx file so you could restore/create a new machine from that image. Not as slick as going the other way, but it will work.


You will probably have to reactivate the OS too. I did find a third party tool from Quest:




Good people but I don't know if you can get a free trial. I also see that Acronis has one too,

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Guest no-control

Either image the VHD using acronis or macrium reflect. Then PE boot and install.




Back up the server, then server restore




wbadmin.msc <- IT Pro y0!




go old school and run a backup of the DNS.log and the system state for the AD, everything else you can push to a share. Remember that DNS settings are stored in the registry not the log.

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I know this is an old thread but I finally got around to doing it.  Just in case somebody else is looking to do the same thing this should help.


I had Windows Server 2012 E R2 running in a VM on Hyperver 2012.


I first converted the VHDX file to VHD using powershell.  This was pretty easy.



I then extracted the VHD to a drive that I would then boot in the physical box. Using VHD 2 Disk



Once the server booted backup and detected the hardware I had a few small drivers to install and some updates and all was good again.


It was actually much easier than I thought.  Don't see any problems downt he road from doing this.

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