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I just got my v3.0 upgrade for my EX385. I had an issue and had to call HP. It was a moderately simple but non-obvious fix, so I thought I'd share it to possibly save you a call if you're seeing the same thing. If kosher and helpful, other similar postings may be useful - I'm new to this forum and may not be fully up on the rules but I thought this sounded like a useful thread.

My issue: When I tried to launch the recovery application, the app crashed and Windows automatically closed the program.

Steps to get here: 1) inserted server recovery disk, 2) accepted eula, 3) followed uninstall steps, 4)rebooted server and waited for pink/white to turn white, 5) clicked next, 6) got a Windows error stating program had an error and needed to be closed.

I called HP and they walked me through these steps and something in this list of steps resolved my issue:
1) Turned off UAC (required reboot)
2) Disabled real-time Security Essentials protection
3) Disabled all network connections other than my wired LAN
4) Viewing LAN properties, viewed properties for TCP/IPv4, went to Advanced and WINS tab and, under NetBIOS settings clicked Enable.
5) Started WHS recovery and got back to uninstall/reboot screen.
6) Rebooted WHS and used paperclip to boot in safe mode. Waited for red/pink to turn solid white. Waited for LAN LED to turn off (1 min). Waited for LAN LED to turn back on (1.3 min). Then clicked Next on uninstall/reboot screen.
7) This time program did not crash, but did the recovery.

After all this, it went through the server reboot and tried to find the server. Note that for me, it took several minutes before the connector setup actually found the server so be patient and keep trying.

Anyway - if anyone had the similar issues, maybe this will help without having to call (though call service service was excellent).

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Welcome, frijole. And thanks for posting. I'm sure someone will find this helpful. It's good to hear that you received excellent assistance from HP.

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I've ordered my v3 upgrade disk from HP. An old school friend (thanks Facebook & CB) is shipping to Australia for me, since the ex485 was never sold in Australia they figured no-one here would need it. Thanks for the heads up on the issue you experienced.

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