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WS2012E and servvio


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Dear all,


First: sorry for my poor English ...I'm French ;-)


I'm testing WS2012E for a potential WHS2011 replacement. With WHS2011, I used Serviio (pro licence) without any problems (worked find on local network or over internet with ServiiGo on my Android phone).


I just update all my PC (seven) for the new windows 8 pro and buy a new WP8 (lumia 920).... A lot of change, I know


Now, I'm testing WS2012E, and I have some problem with the multimedia server include in WS2012E (mkv and m2ts aren't visible).


That's for that, I installed Serviio in WS2012E....


It's visible on my Windows 8 PCs (like network peripheral) and on my DLNA device, but I can't reach it over web browser


- on local network: (local IP for WS2012E) >> KO

- over internet: http://xxxxx.remotewebaccess.com:23242 >> KO


Of course I forwarded the port 23242 on my router and a activated the remote option in Serviio.


nb: With WHS2011, all worked perfectly (local network or over internet)/


Someone have tested Serviio in WS2012E? Do you have an idea for my problem?


Best regards,

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Make sure that Serviio is allowed through the Windows Firewall on the server. I suspect that is what your issue is.


@JMWillis: i assume he's referring to the media streaming server in WS2012E, and it's lack of licensing for those file types, and that you have to manually install a codec/filter to enable them.

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Dear all,


As Drashna say, I can't play mkv or m2ts with the media streaming server include in WS2012E: these files don't appear in spite of shark007 codec installation. Can you stream mkv or m2ts over internet with the WS2012E media streaming server? which codec pack have you installed?


For Serviio, it's allowed in the WS2012E firewall... and it's appear on my local PC (windows 8):





Uploaded with ImageShack.us


With webbrowser (IE or Chrome), I can to access in local network ( but not over internet (http://xxxx.remotewebaccess.com:23424/mediabrowser)

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I know for a fact, that Codec will play MKV files. I have it running on all HTPC clients. No need to run it from the server.

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I ended up having issues with Serviio on WS2012E and uninstalled. Indexing files took an extremely long time, and then my content streamer (Popcorn Hour C-200) could see it, and see the videos, but could not play any of them, though I had all of the exceptions set properly in the Windows firewall. Unfortunate; it looks like a decent program when it works properly.


I had to go with another program.

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