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Adding a backplane, have a question.


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Hey guys,

I am probably going to order an Icy Dock backplane for my home build WHS. I have 4 5.25" bays available to use.

Current Setup is 3x1TB drives in the 3 3.5" bays my case has available. I just purchased a 2TB drive to add to the server as well. But, I wanted to do a little future proofing and add a backplane for more drives. I have 3 SATA ports open on the motherboard right now. I could do the easy route and buy a 3 drive backplane and be done with it. But, I thought about buying their 5 drive back-plane and moving two of my existing drives out of the case and into the backplane.

My question is if the ICY Dock is a sata pass-through or not? If I pull the drives out and put them in the backplane and connect them to the same SATA ports will the WHS even know anything different has happened? Or should I remove the drives from the pool and swap them one at a time?

Icy Dock 5 Drive

ICY Dock 3 drive


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Hi shollz,

I use the ICYDOCK 4x3 hotswap caddy in my case. The SATA ports are just pass-through. eg a gender changer for the caddy system.

Just move your SATA cable from the drive to the Plug on the rack. Put the drive in the same location. Done!


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