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Client PC Backup Fails at 1%

The Jason

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I've got Server 2012 E with three PCs connected (two Win 8 Pro, one Win 7 Pro). All are in a workgroup. The Win 7 PC and one Win 8 are backing up to the server with no problems. The other Win 8 PC has its backups fail at 1% every time (whether automatic or manual).


Anybody have any ideas?



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Try this link, but they don't have a solution except what I offer below with detailed instructions:


First you must uninstall the connector software and start from scratch. Use the following method and then join it to the domain again and configure it for backup and do a manual backup to see if it works. We can go from there. If that doesn't work run chkdsk c: /r

1. Go to AD and reset the computer you want to disjoin (remove)

2. Remove computer via Dashboard in Devices

3. Restart the Client computer you just disjoined

4. Logon to the local Admin account

5. Uninstall the Windows Server 2012 Essentials Connector from Programs and Features

6. Go to Computer Properties and Make sure it is set to a Workgroup and not on a domain, which it was.

7. Click on More and make sure there their is no DNS suffix entered

8. Click on the Network ID button and select "this computer is part of a home network"

9. Restart the computer as requested

10.Log on to the local admin account and connect again via browser. (servername/connect)

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@joem, I think he said all the client PCs are in a Workgroup, not a Domain. Perhaps he only needs to do the Connector uninstall and reinstall?

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I believe that is the first thing to try. If it doesn't solve it then it is something on the local computer that causing it. It works with his two other computers so I don't suspect the server is the issue.

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I have uninstalled and re-installed the connector (note, that somewhere along the line the SkipDomainJoin entry gets removed from the registry so you need to add it again), and also ran chkdsk /r on the c: drive. None of that worked.


I then customized the backup and un-checked the system reserved partition, so it only backs up the C: drive, and now it works. I'm not sure if I should give the system reserved partition a drive letter and chkdsk it. I've never tried that, although I believe it can be done. Will a restore of only the c drive without the system reserved partition make a bootable system? Or should I investigate more and try to resolve this?

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That's interesting about the system reserved partition. But I would try to resolve this. If your hard disk fails and you have to restore to a new fresh hard drive you will need to restore that reserved partition. My systems don't have that system reserved partition so I don't have any experience trying to resolve that issue. When I install an OS I install all on one partition. But that is another matter. But if push comes to shove and you want to reinstall I'll provide the instructions for installing all on one partition. If you don't want to do that then you can save this information for future reference.

1. Boot from Windows 7 CD

2. Select 'Install Now'

3. Accept License Terms

4. Select 'Custom Install'

5. Select 'Drive Options'

6. Delete All Partitions

7. Select 'New'

8. Enter Drive Size (Use all of Hard drive)

9. Select 'Apply'

10. Select 'OK' about additional Partitions

11. Delete Larger Partition (NOT SYSTEM RESERVED)

12. Select the 'System Reserved Partition' - Should be smaller of the 2 shown

13. Select 'Extend'

14. Enter full amount of Hard Drive space (Use all MB Available)

15. System Reserved Partition is now full size of Hard Drive

16. Select 'Next'

17. Continue with normal Windows 7 Install.

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I agree with joem; if your system has a SYSTEM RESERVED partition (all mine do), it needs to be backed up in order to be able to restore and have a bootable system.

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One caveat about installing without the system reserved partition is that bitlocker will be unavailable. But that is the only issue. Essentially bitlocker is why there is a system reserved partition. If you don't use bitlocker I see no reason to have that partition. It just complicates things.

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