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How do I get rid of the "To be filled in by OEM" messages?


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The OEM pre-installation disk is used to like most other windows OPK its main purpose is to allow OEMs to create imagaes using sysprep to deploy to HD replicators for PC manufacturing so they do not have to do the typical installation process home users do.

In the case of WHS it allows you to create the server restore disks that you see HP giving out. or the ones you order to upgrade your ex47/48 to HP MSS 3.0u1. I always use the WHS OPK to image my server in case of a system failure so i do not have to go through the entire setup process if i have an issue

As far as the this topic is concerned. the WHS OPK will give you a text file that will show you how to change the ServerImage already listed in this topic and the contact product support listed in the ms thread.

The last post in that thread reads

Metty, all I can really tell you is that OEMs (Dell, HP, etc.) like to take the systems designed/built for them by ODMs and brand them in a way that the end user can't easily mess with. Sometimes this is because they have semi-proprietary custom drivers, software, etc. that they only want to work on their own hardware, but that's a minority of cases.

The SMBIOS is something that end users can't easily mess with.

So to my point earlier it is in the bios and you would need to hack that to change the line you are looking for.

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On that note I think I can live with the OEM message, hacking my bios and risking my server just isn't worth it.

Thanks for the input.

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Darn! Too risky for me, too... thanks for doing the legwork scr3wlo0se and fasthair... I may change my server image though!

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