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How do I get rid of the "To be filled in by OEM" messages?


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I'm sure everyone out there who built their WHS has seen this message, but how do you repalce it with something else? It would also be cool if someone out there knows how to change the server icon in there with something else. I also notice that the "to be filled in by OEM" message now shows up in windows 7 Media center after power pack 3.


Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

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Actually that line might be pulled from the bios. file.php?id=3218&mode=view notice that my VM shows it as a Microsoft Corporation Virtual Machine. Let me double check when i get done with work

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If your interested in playing around now though you can try changing these keys

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Microsoft\Windows Home Server\install]

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To change the server icon

1: Create a folder in C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server called OEM
2: Put your icon in this folder. The icon size is 42x16 and be a PNG file.
3: Enjoy your cool new icon.


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This is the Registry Key that controls the line that you are looking for. It is going to be reset everytime you reboot the PC so to change what it says you need to change it in the bios. I'll post the links to some utilities that can do it for you shorlty.


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Registry Keys... sounds a little risky to me. Everytime I play with a registry key something seems to break, but then again I am very accident prone.

I did find this discussion on this topic, In there they mention using the OEM System Builders Pre-installation Disc. The Key word here being PRE. Here is a link to the post...


Low and behold, I do infact have an OEM pre-installation disc, but I never used it when I first built my WHS. Has anyone tried using this disc?...


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