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Hard disk not detected


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Hi everyone,


I recently purchased the N40L microserver and trying to set it up.


I put a new WD Caviar Black 1T HD into the HD bay number 1. Power up the server, hit F10 to get into BIOS. The Hard disk is not detected in BIOS.


I try both the IDE and AHCI settings and still the HD is not detected in BIOS. (The USB stick that I put into the internal USB port is detected though). I can hear the HD spinning noise.

I try to install CentOS but no installable HD is detected


I try the HD in bay number 2, and also try another WD Caviar Blue HD and still cannot get the HD to show.


Does anyone experience similar problems ? Do I need to do any thing (such as loading drivers before it can detect the HD ? ) Can anyone help ?





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Maybe check that the SAS cable is seated into the motherboard.


You can see the cable I am talking about in this writeup. http://homeserversho...dification.html


BTW - does the same thing happen for all 4 of the bays?


There is a spare SATA connector on the motherboard. You could try connecting to it and see if you get the same results. You would need your own SATA cable and you would need to get power off the spare Molex connector for the ODD.

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Sounds like the SAS connector isn't fully seated.


That happened to me once -- I could hear the HD's spin up but the OS (which was running off the SATA Port up in the ODD bay) couldn't see any of the HD's in the 4 bay main cage. Pushed the SAS connector in like it should be and all was well.

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Thanks for your suggestions, CSKenney and Joe_Miner,


I will try the spare SATA port when I get home.


I will also check on the mini SAS connector.

But I am pretty sure the connector clicks into the SAS socket on the motherboard when I reconnect the wires.

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Just for an update.


All other ports works except the internal SAS port for the HD cage.


I have a careful look at the SAS socket on the motherboard and notice that the electrical contact slot is not positioned at the centre of socket and therefore the SAS cable cannot plug into it correctly.


I sent it back to HP for checking and will post again for the outcome.

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