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Successfully Enabled Port Multiplier on eSATA


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So it's been a lot of years since I posted here.  Did a Google search for something and landed back here!


I've been running WHS 2011 on my N40L all these years.  At some point though, I switched from using the onboard eSATA port (with the modded BIOS/Port Multiplier functionality) to using an add-in RocketRAID 642L SATA Controller card.  Still using my external Rosewill RSV external box with 4 drives. All works great.  But now I'm wondering why I switched from the onboard eSATA to the card.  Can't for the life of me remember if I was having some issues?  


The one downside to using the Card - my StableBit Scanner can't read the SMART details, nor does it display anything for Performance, Temp, Age etc.  I do recall that when I switched, I lost those details.


So, wondering if all you smarter people than I can advise on the pros/cons of the onboard eSATA port vs. the RR 642L.  I'm guessing I did it for speed?  I can obviously just plug my external box into the eSATA again - but assuming it was SPEED that drove the swap, is there a way to test that on each of the eSATA ports? (onboard vs. RR 642L).


OR are there other considerations/reasons why I may have made the move?   I used to mess around with all this fun stuff when I had more time...but work has consumed most of my time.


Appreciate any feedback.

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