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replacement of bad drives with a sync drive


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hi all,

If i have a server set up such that my data drive is synced to another internal drive as a backup drive, how do you deal with the issue when the data drive goes belly up.


Do you buy a replacment drive, replace the dead drive with it and then add it to the server with the same shares setup as the origional data drive, then sync the "backup drive" to it. Then when its synced, return the sync back the other way, as before, syncing the new data drive to the previously existing backup drive.


..versus....physically replacing the dead data drive with the synced backup drive, and setting it up as the new

'data drive', then buying a new drive to sync to as the new backup drive




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When you say 'synced' do you mean 'mirrored'?


If it is a mirror, it's quite a bit simpler than you described.


Using the Windows interface

  1. Open Computer Management (Local).
  2. In the console tree, click Computer Management (Local), click Storage, and then click Disk Management.
  3. Right-click the mirror on the Missing or Offline disk, and then click Remove Mirror. Follow the instructions on your screen.
  4. Right-click the volume to be re-mirrored, and then click Add Mirror. Follow the instructions on your screen.

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I was thinking about using allwaysync or another sync program to sync my data drive to an internal drive as my first backup, and also to 2 external drives rotating them offsite. I think I prefer syncing the drive, maybe 2x per day vs a mirror, since with a mirror, if I accidentally delete a file, its also then gone in the mirror drive.

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In that case, if your data drive goes belly up, replace the drive and use AllWay Sync to copy all the data from the backup drive to the new data drive.

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