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Remove disk from 2 way mirror in storage spaces


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Is anyone else actively using Storage Spaces in WS2012e at the moment? Unlike many, I wasn't exactly heart-broken when MS removed drive extender from WHS2011. I've been using a hardware RAID5 array since WHS2011, but was curious how storage spaces works if you're not concerned about high performance disk I/O?

I have been for the last month. Other than the write performance it works great. It doesn't really bother me because I'm accessing it through the network so the speed isn't a big thing. Its just used for storage and streaming.


One thing I did like is that I recently moved the SS array from one computer (2012E) to another (Hyper-V Core 2012). It was as easy as just plugging in the drives and they were recognized as an already setup SS. The SS data is all saved to the drives so the compatible OS's will recognize them when they are plugged in.


Other than performance my experiences has been positive for me.

I have been testing SS and I like. The slower speeds don't make any difference to me. But SS has been reliable and stable for me. I have put it through the paces and it just seems to work. Of course if you are a performance freak then a raid card would be the way to go.


I have for a couple of months on a MicroServer.





I have more performance charts and write-up HERE


I wasn't so impressed with Parity but I'm liking 2-way Mirroring -- want to try some more testing on it -- but speeds are reasonable and if the resilientcy lives up to the hype I think it will be a great solution for many.


Streaming Battleship from the MicroServer to my HTPC & Samsung Big Screen -- Life is good.

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I just posted a new thread over here:




But it's related to this posting so adding this post here also - don't want to double post the same questions but hoping to get some insight from those that have gone before me - and those that live & breathe this stuff daily.

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