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New WHS 2011 Upgrade


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Looks like I found this forum a week too late for a little holiday love, but man, thats an amazingly generous offer. Happy holidays, forum!


I'm in a similar boat, trying to figure out the best way to move forward. I have 2 HTPCs running Win 7 Pro 64-bit, one in the living room, one in the bedroom. Also have a lower end machine (Celeron 3400 chip, Asus P5/LGA 775 board, 4gb RAM) running WHS2011, and my "real" PC, currently running Win 7 Pro 64 bit on an i5 2500, Z68board, SSD boot drive, 8GB RAM).


Basically just upgrading everything and moving my previous parts "down the line." Just built another i5 3570k, Z77, 16gb ram, SSD boot drive) to be my new day-to-day machine. Going to turn the other i5 into my new server. Mom is getting the "old server" as a new machine.


But I'm still not sure if I should run WHS2011 as my main server, or slap Win8 on it (it has the pooled storage). I like WHS, but not sure I'm going to run out and buy Server 2012 since a) its way more expensive than WHS2011 and B) they killed WHS2011 way too quickly for me to feel like I got value out of it and c) I generally just do full clean installs if anything goes wrong.


Curious how anyone would set up a similar group. Is it worth sticking with WHS2011 for the backup capabilities? I also am not sure if I should set up a RAID on the mobo of the new server (Intel DZ68BC mobo) or continue to use Stablebit to pool the drives.


What say you, oh wise and generous forum?



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