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Outlook Sync With Google


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I use GMail for contacts, calendar and obviously mail. I do like Outlook on the desktop

due to the use of addins such as Xobni and Evernote. The issue is obviously the sync

of contacts and calendar. I have tried various products, some with more success than

others. Examples are : GoContactSync Mod, CompanionLink. I looked at the Google Apps

Sync, but don't know about the $50 annual fee.


Does anyone have any products they have used with success?

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Found an old gSyncIt license I had and it works great. CompanionLink has a very poor reputation via reviews. I tried it and it

was terrible, but they did refund my money as advertised.

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A money-back guarantee in lieu of a free trial is the same as a mail-in rebate. They hope

you won't go through the trouble to claim it.

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