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Wait for next release of WHS (Vail) or buy now?


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Hey all,
I just started looking into getting a WHS (I've got a Dell netbook, iMac, Lenovo T400, and a Dell Latitude D630) primarily for automated backups (the NAS options out there were getting pretty crappy reviews).

My question is: should I be waiting for the next version of WHS (based on Windows 7/Win Server 2008 platform) which has been rumored for release sometime in 2010? I don't have an immediate pressing need for it, but the techie in me wants to get it sooner rather than later.

Based on the little research I've done, the HP MediaSmart series seems to be the best non-frankenbuild solution out there, especially with the HP software/interface/skin they have on top of WHS.

If I were to pull the trigger and get a MediaSmart server now and then upgrade to the new version when it comes out, would I be able to re-install the HP skin after that or would I be stuck with standard WHS interface (no doubt updated with the new version, but still).

Just was hoping to get people's thoughts. The idea of getting any system based on an OS developed in 2003 is a little unappetizing and if something is coming out relatively soon (and with better WMC integration as rumored), should I hold out?

If this is discussed in one of the earlier podcasts, please point me to it (i just started listening yesterday to podcast 65).


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No information has been released about WHS2 other than that it will be 64-bit only. My personal opinion would be to get a good deal on a lower-end WHS box (such as the ex470). If you're primary using it for backup, the specs really don't matter a whole lot. Anything with enough storage will get the job done.

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I don't think anyone has a clue on this as of yet. Will HP have a 64 bit shell for WHS v2? Will they let current EX owners upgrade to v2 and the new shell? Look at their track record with the EX470 group. Have you seen the new software for it yet?

You have 4 machines in the household? Can you afford to NOT have a WHS right now? I say go for the 490 now. I went with the 470, now have the 490, and will probably get the new one when it comes out. I like to skip a version when I buy tech gear and I'm glad I did with the HP MSS. I like my 495.

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