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2012 WebServer - Newbie!


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Hi all;


I am just starting out with servers in general and have set my sites on setting up a webserver as my first goal. My aim is to host at the moment some basic HTML5 with CSS3 websites on a local server that others can access via my external IP (which will get a proper URL to mask my IP etc).


I want to have at least 2-3 sites that people can view and FTP up to however I what the content of the webpage to require a log in before allowing anyone to view.


I have the server working locally but I cannot see to figure out how to get the external element working? Once I sort that issue I will then explore locking access down to only some users.


Any points in the right direction?

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OK, we'll need quite a bit more info in order to give advice but, to start off, what have you done to configure your router so that attempts to connect from outside can get through to your server?

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I have set up port forwarding and have has an older attempt (a linux server) working externally via the external IP and used Putty to open a session to modify the server settings.

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It is Windows Server 2012, once (bit of optimism) it is working and functioning I want to have a look at putting PHP and ASP sites on the server also so migrating to Windows seemed the better idea.

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