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Location of WHS2011 client settings?

Sorta Oldguy

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Have just about given up my quest to turn my current WHS2011 install into a VM. Will describe trials and tribulations in the virtualization forum.


Am now thinking it would just be easier to install WHS2011 into a Hyper-V WM assuming that I can transfer the most important settings from my old to new install.


By settings I mean the identities of the client computers that are being backed up and the backup settings (partitions, etc.) for each. I have the client backup folder, but it seems a lot to expect that WHS would magically reconstruct all the required info about what to back up just from that folder.


Does anyone know the location of that info in the registry or some file?



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How many clients are we talking about?


The dashboard says 11. Most are old installs.


5 are active.


The client backup database goes back to August 2011. About 500GB.


I searched the registry using some computer names, but none showed up. No luck. Same for searching the C drive. All the users and client pc's from the dashboard are listed in computer management/system tools/local users and groups/users. If you double click a user, you get some interesting options. If you export the user list, all you get is a text file. Doesn't seem to be a way to move them from one computer to another.


I did find some suspicious-looking stuff in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Data but can't make anything out of it. Must be a database of settings somewhere.

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Text files can be manipulated the easiest of all. Maybe I'm thick headed but why would you want to keep backups of cleints that no longer exist?

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I don't think I'm the only one around here that keeps lots of things that they may never use. Someone records way more TV than he can ever watch. Another has hundreds of movies. I like old installations :)


But seriously, the clients do exist, only the currently installed OS is different. I have my old Win7 install that I used for a long time. May want to virtualize it if I can ever figure out how. A couple of the clients are different versions of a Dell 910 Mini. My son had some money burning a hole in his pocket and spent it on a pretty crappy netbook. It came with WinXP Basic or something. Horrible. Before we went to France last year I borrowed it and installed Win7. Much better, but still pretty sluggish. When we got back, I used WHS to preserve that configuration. Before we went this year, I borrowed it and put Win8 RTM on it; couldn't use the Metro interface because the Res was too low, but the desktop speed was pretty decent. When I got back, backed it up onto the WHS and used Win8's refresh to wipe my personal info. Backed that up likewise and gave a clean pc to my son to use til we were ready to use it again.


On the txt file, it's really just descriptive and doesn't seem to be of much use. Here's a portion:


Name Full Name Description

___VMware_Conv_SA___ ___VMware_Conv_SA___ Dedicated User to run VMware Converter Standalone server jobs.

Administrator Built-in account for administering the computer/domain

Anarosa Anarosa Anarosa

ANAROSA-PC2$ ANAROSA-PC2$ owner:WHS2011\Administrator machine:ANAROSA-PC2

bigmike bigmike bigmike


Carol Carol Carol

CAROL-PC$ CAROL-PC$ owner:WHS2011\Administrator machine:CAROL-PC

Cloudberry Cloudberry Cloudberry

Guest Built-in account for guest access to the computer/domain

HDHomerun HDHomerun HDHomerun

HDHOMERUN$ HDHOMERUN$ owner:WHS2011\Administrator machine:HDHOMERUN

Margaret Margaret Margaret

Mc-ANAROSA-PC2 Mc-ANAROSA-PC2 S-1-5-21-1302218652-3201017951-2346373793-1056

Mc-BIGMIKEMOBILE Mc-BIGMIKEMOBILE S-1-5-21-1302218652-3201017951-2346373793-1034

Mc-CAROL-PC Mc-CAROL-PC S-1-5-21-1302218652-3201017951-2346373793-1018

Mc-HDHOMERUN Mc-HDHOMERUN S-1-5-21-1302218652-3201017951-2346373793-1047

Mc-MIKENETBOOK8 Mc-MIKENETBOOK8 S-1-5-21-1302218652-3201017951-2346373793-1044

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Have a look at this http://wiki.covecube...sDbDataDump_2.0 maybe there is some info there that can help.


Thanks. It seems to only apply to the client computers being backed up. I assume it has to run on the home server. I actually tried it to see if I could extract some of the old clients for virtualization, but got some kind of error. May give that another try as I would like to get some of those out of storage.


Saw the merits of hyper-v again this morning. My son had some pretty old 3d animation program that only works on XP. He had tried it on VPC, but it was pretty bad and only allowed 16 bit displays on a relatively low res. I found this



We did have to refer to help a couple of times but it worked pretty well and the imported VM works very well under hyper-v, including high res 32 bit display. Strangely, installing the Hyper-V integration cd degraded it and removed the high res and 32 bit capabilities. I'll have to see if I can get a copy of the old VM to investigate that.

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Looks like I've made this probably hopeless quest superfluous. I found a way to virtualize my WHS2011 into hyper-v almost effortlessly using XenConvert. Will start a new threat so it's easier to find and I can share the knowledge if anyone is interested..

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