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Flakey V1 issues


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I have a V1 homebuilt using a Dell box. It's been running fine for a 2 years. Recently it started to have issues. 1st I got a corrupt file report. Then the system would loose it's BIOS settings. So I replaced the battery. Erase the corrupt file ( a user file). I was also getting notices that indicated that drive 2 (a 2 drive box) could not be written to. I am running WHS Smart, which has not shown any errors or alerts. Yet the 1T Seagate would drop off. I checked the SATA cables, swapped them, even replaced them and the issue would come back over a short time. The MOB only has 2 SATA ports, so I cannot try any others.

So do I have a bad MOB or bad HD? Maybe time to do a rebuild on a new box?


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OK, first off, when trying to decide blame between a mobo and a hard drive, always choose the hard drive first. Electro-mechanical devices are something like 1,000 times more likely to fail than pure electronic ones.


That said, there is no guarantee that its not the mobo at fault. What it does say is, "check the HDD first". I would try replacing the HDD and see what happens.

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