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Windows 8 VMWare and Sound


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First sorry to post in this forum, bit somewhat Im not able to post in the VMWare forum, maybe somebody can move the post.

Im doing an odd test. I have Windows 8 installed on an esxi server 5.0

Im using splashtop to remote control into windows 8 from an ipad3, which works fine.

As the IPAD is not able to use the flashplayer, I liked to view the stream on windows 8 and watch it via splashtop....

The video is playing fine, but I have an issue with the sound...sometimes the sound stutters and best case I have 4-5 minutes with continous sound...

Did somebody try this setup and does the sound work for you ?



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Unfortunately not, bandwidth is not the issue. checked that. As well as horsepower, VM has enough resources, but sound stutters, video is playing back ok.

It looks to me that the sound isnt getting enough priority. Sometimes it works for minute, sometimes not at all :-(


Thanks for the bandwidth hint :-)

It isnt the bandwidth, but the amount of data, tried a youtube video without full screen...it works :-)

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