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WS2012e waking up from sleep every hour


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I installed Lightsout addin which works great. It puts the server to sleep after 10 minutes if inactivity but the thing won't stay asleep. It keeps waking up every hour for god knows what even when All Networked pcs are off. Any suggestion on what I need to do?



The HW: old HP pc running intel QC Q6600, 4gb, SSD for OS and 2x1.5tb storage drives non-raid.

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Your not doing anything wrong. Unfortunately that's a known issues

  • http://homeserversof...lease_notes.htm

  • Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials and Windows Server 2012 Essentials wake up every 30 minutes by Server Infrastructure License Service (silsvc). This bug is logged in Microsoft Connect. See indicator_external_link.gifID 761637 (Windows Server 2012 Essentials) and indicator_external_link.gifID 757760 (WS 2012 Essentials, German) and vote for this bug!

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