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Remote access into Windows 8 machine?

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I just set up a WIndows 8 pro machine on my WHS 2011 network. Everything is working fine and the windows 8 machine connects to the server with no issues. However, I often use WHS 2011 server remote access while away from home to remote desktop connect into machines on the network. All of my windows 7 machine remote connect with no problem. The windows 8 machine will not however. I type in username and password and it comes back telling me the credentials did not work. I know the password is correct and I even changed it and still the same problem. I have also gone into the windows 8 system properties and checked it to allow remote connections to this computer.


Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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I believe I'm using the windows live login and thats probably why I noticed the following:


I noticed when I go into Network and sharing center on my Windows 7 Machines they list under "View active networks"


Network 2 "Home Network"

Access type: Internet

Homegourp: Available to Join

Connections: Local area connection


On WIndows 8 "View active networks"

Network "Private"

Access type: Internet

Homegroup: Joined

Connections: Ethernet


When I installed Windows 8 I setup the login account and used it. I thought after I ran the connector software that it would overwrite it. Please bear with me. I'm still trying to make sense of a few things with Windows 8 and the networking side is not my strongest area. Is there a way to fix the login issue without a reinstall?

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