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Questions About Bitlocker Clients And Pc Restore


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I have been reading a bit about bitlocker and have been thinking of encrypting my computers but wanted to know more information about backups/restores. My question are the following:


1) Is it possible to backup and restore a bitlocker encrypted drive?


2) Can you open the backups on whs 2011 and get for example a specific file or you can only do full system restores?


3) does 2011 have bitlocker where you can encrypt its hard drives?


thanks in advance

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I believe you posted this at We Got Served also, but i'll answer it here too.


1) yes, but it backs up unencrypted, IIRC. And restore is also unencrypted, though you may need to format/re-partition to get it to restore


2) Because it's not encrypted in the backup database, you can access as normal.


3) yes. you have to "add feature" in Server Management, and you have to disable the TPM requirement to encrypt the system drive (which means you need a USB stick attached to the server)

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