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TV Tuner Set-up


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If it remained encrypted until it's final destination, then it still could pass through the HTPC to the a/v reciever to the HDTV and then become unencrypted and produce a picture, couldn't it? The only thing you couldn't do would be to view and/or save and view on your HTPC.

I already have a 46" HDTV so i wouldn't want to view it on a smaller screen. And i have recording on my DVR so there would be no need to record the TV show on my HTPC. The HTPC would be storage for movies and music and give me the capability of playing a disk through the optical drive.

I can understand why they encrypt the signal, but i can't understand why they make it difficult to connect a HTPC to the set up. It's just another piece of equipment added into your home theater.


Well, not exactly. Each device along the chain has to certify that it adheres to the HDCP protocol, which also means it has to know the HDMI magic key. It's unlikely your HTPC equipment has that key.


The reason they don't certify HTPC equipment for HDCP is they believe people will use it for recording, and they don't want that. Doesn't matter if it's true or not, they believe it is, so you're SOL.

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OK, thanks guys. I've been trying for 12 years now to make something like this work and i thought since i had to build a computer for class that the technology has changed.


Not to mention the fact i'm trying to simplify things for my new girl friend. Right now she's either using my old computer i use for school or my gaming rig with all her facebook stuff. I thought if she got used to windows media center, it wouldn't be to hard for her to operate things. I'm teaching her how to record now, i got her cinemax the other day to keep her occupied.


But i got to go, my new motherboard just came in and i can start my build this weekend. ASUS F2 A85-M CSM.


And thanks alot everyone for the talk about this. I learned something from this post. Keep up the good work helping guys like me, we need it.

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Hey guys, just got my new computer up and running and all i can say is WOW. I think you HTPC guys should check out this new motherboard. I finally learned what the CSM stands for and this board comes with alot of power saving features.


The CSM stands for Corporate Stable Model. The reason i couldn't find it under ASUS regular website is it's located under their business website. You actually have two ways to set up this board, well three counting normal. You can go overclock or power mangement. If you want to find out more about this board, do a search for CSM, Corporate Stable Model.


This takes a FM2 processor and has the newer 7000 series raedon graphics, USB 3.0 front and back, HD audio front and back, 7 SATA 6Gbs connections. And half of the user manual is dedicated to the bios features. I put this in a SilverStone SST SG01B-F 3.0 case and there is so much room, i was able to hide all the wires in the top bay above the optical drive. Without a Video Card, you can see right through the case from side to side and only see the processor and a couple fan wires. And I'd like to thank you all again for the help and advice you have given me.

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