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Backing up Windows RT devices


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So my Surface RT comes in late this week and I am wondering how best to back this up. Has anyone determined the best backup strategy for the RT devices? I will use the normal windows home server backup for my existing Windows 8 machines.


I am thinking that since all of the applications and OS are easily recoverable, it might be simpliest to just make sure that the data is backed up. One approach to this is just to store everything in skydrive and leverage that to keep things backed up. If not that how would you keep the files backed up for the RT devices.


I am really interested to see how this device works and hoping that the simplicity it could bring to my kids computer future.


Looking forward to your responses.

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I only got the 32GB one and will be adding a 64GB SD card, so not even 80Gb. I am thinking most of what I will have is media information and saved games, so pretty low priority content.


I am mainly curious as to what the options are that people are considering.

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Easy enough to FTP the data over but I doubt that Microsoft will provide any solutions for automating that process over to a WHS. The question should be, can you connect the device to a WHS the old fashioned way?

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I suppose that you could turn on the "File History" feature in Windows 8 and use your WHS as your network storage device... That would seem to be the simplest method.


You certainly won't be able to install the WHS Connector software on a Windows RT device...

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Couldn't the SD card could be backed up on a PC equipped with a reader. The data on the internal drive could be copied to another SD card and then backed up on a PC. At least I think that would work (I'm assuming RT still has Windows Explorer or something equivalent, which I believe it does). A bit convoluted but I think it would work.


Another way would be to back them up to a USB drive attached to the RT.


Finally, what about copying the data over a wireless link to your server?


Just some thoughts...

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You could do the same with FTP and leaving it all in place. I think we need to get hands on and see what we can accomplish after a week or so.

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Personally I don't see having much to back up directly from the Surface RT. Office docs will be in Skydrive and I'll use Skydrive for any other app that can use it. Apps will be in the MS store. Only gap I see is apps that only have local data without a cloud component. Plus it would be good to be able to backup settings.

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