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External hard drive recommendations for whs2011 box?


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I think we do, just very different experiences with the different brands. It happens. Like I said, I know people that have sworn by maxtor, that they never had drive fail... Or hitachi "deathstars". :) (both of which, I've had a LARGE number of failures with).


I leave my server running 24/7, but I've shut it down a couple times this summer because it got too hot (and I sadly don't have AC). And very cool on the Reds. I may switch to those eventually. For now, the new Seagate Barracudas are treating me well (the STXX00DM001 series). Great performance, run fairly cool. The only downside about them, is none of my computers use SATA III. :P

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thanks guys,

well from those comments, I think I might now replace the WD green drive that I've recently installed in my server as a data drive (which is not yet populated with data), with a WD Red 2TB, and then get 3 more Red 2TB's, one for an internal backup of the data drive and 2 for rotating offsite in a toaster. Or at least maybe use the green drive as one of the rotating offsite drives.



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Perhaps you've already ruled this out for other reasons or just not mentioned it, but why not a cloud backup solution instead of (or in addition to) physical drives? I've been happy with CrashPlan (~870G of backup) but of course there are lots of choices. http://theaverageguy.tv/2012/09/09/the-average-guys-cloud-storage-options-survival-guide/

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thanks guys,

yes, cloud backup is in my plan too, but also want a local backup.Will keep cloud for critical docs due too pricing and availability/speed of restoring data. I think I will rely on the internal backup first, then the offsite drives, and then if they all fail, use my cloud backup.

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