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Can't get rid of "free space low on hard drive" alert


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This won't help your situation here, but with WSE2012, Microsoft is allowing users to delete future warnings in the Dashboard. I hope they bring this update to WHS2011.

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Why in the world would you delete things manually??

  1. so we know which ones we've watched and which ones we haven't. We watch a show then delete it immediately. It takes 2 sec. That way, any shows in the list are ones we haven't seen.
  2. so the list is shorter. Less to look through = quicker and easier to find the one you want.

Your idea to lower the WMC disk consumption sounds pretty reasonable. Let us know how it works.

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Yeah, fair points. I think it depends on the DVR, some (like Tivo) make it visually very obvious which things you've already viewed. (and sorts them to the bottom so they don't get in your way)


Telling WMC to use less of my disk does seem to solve the problem so far from what I can tell.


But, I had another idea yesterday: My recordings disk is only 500GB in size. if my theory is correct that this problem is caused by the normal fluctuation in disk usage on my recordings disk due to it frequently crossing that 90% full threshold (because of new recordings getting added/deleted), then if I put in a bigger disk I think this problem won't happen. Why? Because when individual recordings get expired and deleted, they will be much smaller on a percentage basis if I'm using a bigger drive. So on a 1.5 TB drive, having a few shows get expired might only push the disk usage from 98% full down to 94% full. But on my little 500GB drive, those same recordings might push it down below 90%. I'm making these numbers up, but I think conceptually it makes sense.


To summarize, I

1. put in a big disk and let it fill up through the normal course of DVR recording activity.

2. WHS will raise an alert that my disk is more than 90% full.

3. I then tell WHS to ignore the alert, and... it should never cross below 90% again thereby not re-alerting me.

4. I win!


So in other words Ikon, you were right all along - just put in a bigger disk! :)

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BTW, I assume you picked 1.5TB because you just happen to have one laying around? ;)

why of course! Actually it's in my Drobo right now, but I'm not really using my Drobo so I could easily pull it out and swap.

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