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Music folder structure can not be browsed from DNLA devices.


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Installed Serviio and now Denon 2112ci can browse and play music and pictures correct.

Same goes for ace player on the IPad.

Denon 3808ci still can not browse. Talked to Denon guys they are stating 3808ci should be no different than the 2112ci on reading files. We did a network card reset on the Denon (arrow up and down held down and power cycle, wait five flashes ) with no improvement.

Whatever breaks the native MS shares, breaks the viewing from the old Denon, regardless of the streaming client.


Serviio not bad at all. The only limitation that I found is that through Sony IPad audio remote app can not stream to Denon receivers, it does work correct on Sony wireless speakers.

Is the paid version bringing any real advantages to the table?

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I didn't even realize there was a paid version of Serviio until now. I don't limit access in my home,

so the paid version isn't for me. I actually no longer use Serviio given my jailbroken ATV2 with

ATV Flash can read dvd folder rips natively. When I did though Serviio worked better than all the

other products I used and it was free to boot.

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Good to see you making some progress.

DNLA is not as perfect as a solution as some might like to think. (and now you know all about that)


I am not at all surprised that a Sony iPad app does not work with a Denon AVR. Check the Denon website as they may have an app specific to their product range.

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One of the other posters had mentioned Mezzmo as a DLNA server. I tried and it worked very well for streaming around your network and seemed to work with all the devices I tried. I just could not use it as I want external streaming not internal, but you might give it a shot.

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Update :

iPad Sony app remote can steam to it's wireless speakers and to the Denon 2112ci.

So at this time the only thing that is not working is the old Denon 3808ci.

I suspect not being compatible, even if some Internet posts suggest it is, or I have bad firmware in it.

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I ran into this problem also


in addition the same issue occurred with my pictures folder


as with the original poster, my video files maintained the folder structure.


what solved the problem for me is to add the music as a collection of folders, not in bulk.


I purchased and used "Mezzmo" Media server for this. ( Conceiva software)


one great thing about Mezzmo is that it also has profiles for each client so that it only transcodes what needs to be transcoded.


Mezzmo does install on WHS2011 very nicely from the dashboard.

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