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windows 8 single logins and server 2012 essentials


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So I have read several forums and see lots of opinions and options, but have not had the energy to sort this out. I want to figure out a way to setup all our family's computers with Win 8 and connect to our family domain on S2012E.


We have several computers, laptops, etc that we want to put win 8 on. We are going to use the domain as established with S2012E, but also use the windows live accounts. My wife will be using a laptop for travel, a desktop, and our main computer at home (with her login) and wants the start screens and all documents to sync between three computers (Google Docs, Dropbox, SkyDrive are easy, but possibly sharing our "My Documents" folder). At least one computer will be a desktop at another location, so we will probably set it up with VPN for backup and shared files (which is pretty much automatic, I believe). The laptop can be on VPN or will be home frequently to backup or synchronize.


I want to try to set this up with each user being set up as an administrator on their computer so they can freely add and modify programs at their free will, and have this connect with their Live account. I don't want to have to deal with multiple accounts on each machine.


From what I have seen, it seems that I have to set up the computer with a single user, connect it with the server, using a different name (so there isn't 2 names that look the same), and then try to bring in the first account with windows easy transfer, but It seems like there is still leftover drama from the other account.


I know some of these things are hereditary issues with Domain Manager, but I am trying to keep this as simple as possible.


I hope all this makes sense. Hopefully I am not the only one who wants this.


Can wait to hear solutions.


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