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Suggested mini ITX motherboard


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I'm looking at downgrading my server from a atx motherboard to a mini ITX. The main concern is it must work with my Dell Raid card, Perc H700, as I've heard not all motherboards work with raid cards.


My current system is a Gigabyte z68x-ud7 motherboard (atx) working fine with the H700.


Has anyone got the H700 or any other raid card working in a mini-ITX motherboard? Preferably a Sandy bridge/Ivy bridge board. If so which model and CPU.




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All the way down to mini-ITX? That's a big change. I looked at them a while ago and I found that they often don't have much in the way of expansion slots. For example, many I've seen only have a single PCIe slot. Can you get by with that, especially if it's only a 4x slot? I ended up going with micro ATX because of the slot issues.


Of course, one option is to go with something like the HP Proliant Microserver N40L, which has a 16x and a 1x (or is it 4x??) slot. I think this must be a custom design for HP.

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I'm looking at downsizing the case to a Fractal r2 mini ... Hence the change in motherboard.

It's only running whs2011 and the case has provision for 6 drives plus a ssd.


1 pci express x16 slot is all I really need for the raid card. Everything else will be on with on the motherboard.

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Guest no-control

For an SB/IB setup I would choose the Asus P8H77-I. It has 6 SATA onboard, possibly eliminating the need for the H700. Even so It has a PCIe x16 slot to accomodate the RAID card. The Zotac above isn't a bad suggestion if you wanted the WiFi but its a server I just assumed it would be connected directly to a switch.


I recently just downsized my server board to an e-350 APU. You might want to consider these for both thermal and power savings.


Asus C60M1-I has 6 sata and a PCIe x16 and is fanless

I chose the ASRock E-350M1 / USB3 for my build and its been absolutely flawless.

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Thanks for the suggestion no-control.

My concern is whether the new mobo will run the Raid card without any problems. I've heard of a few people having mobos not detecting their Raid card.

I'm not sure if I should be worrying about the Z77/H77 mobos, as I've had my raid card working on a gigabyte Z68.


The new motherboard must have the ability to run the H700 as it controls my o/s and data.


Its good to know the ASRock E-350/USB3 works with the Rocket Raid... but I have a bias towards an Intel cpu mobo.

The ASUS P8H77-I looks perfect for the case I had in mind.


Have you tried it with the Rocket Raid?

If a Rocket raid card will work on the suggested mobo, then hopefully a Dell Perc H700 should too.

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