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2.5 inch drives for 24/7


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Hi, as mentioned in the subject Im looking for some 2.5 drive inch recommendation. The drives are for my esxi server and they should run the datastores.

Im looking for 4 running in a drive 10 on an adaptec 2405 as this one is supported by esxi,would need approx 600gb storage.


In this case I cant use velociraptors because of the formfactor,the drives will go in a icy dock enclosure.

Speed is not the key, because this box is running only a few vms, nothing timecritical and testing vms.


As the box is running 24/7 and just because i like low power consumption servers the disk should not be as hungry as the velociraptors. 4 of the blacks will pull 10 watts and 4 velociraptor 25.




Currently using 320gb wd blacks, either i need two more of those or something which is certified for 24/7, seems there are no red 2.5 inch drives available an ssd is too expensive for having 600gb redundant....


On the other side, will 2 velociraptors (600gb each) in a raid 0 have better performance as the 4 blacks in raid 10 ? This is for the datastore only and it seems that the velociraptor is much faster as the blacks in terms of random access...


Any recommendations ?

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He mentioned...


Speed is not the key, because this box is running only a few vms, nothing timecritical and testing vms.

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The biggest challenge is power consumption, the box currently has 8 disks in an define r3 case.

5 3,5 inch for data and 3 2,5 inch for the datastore.

There are two options

1. Add a 4 disk icy dock for 2,5 inch drives in an empty 5,25 slot and add 4 2,5 inch drives in raid 10

2. Remove the 3 2.5 inchs and add two velociraptors in a mirror.


Im mostly playing around with the box, there are currently the following vms running

-Whs 2011 for backing up my clients, air video and file sharing

-windows 7 as my recording pc

-windows 8 with splashtop, so i can remotely do the internet flash things not working with the ipad directly

-a vm appliance allowing checking the esxi server via the ipad


Above are always on, the following vms are started as needed

-another w7 for testing

-xp for old games i like

-server 2012 for testing and as dc for another physicak hyperv 2012 server im testing

-untangle, currently in test mode

-another w8 for testing


And then there is my personal thing, consuming as low power as possible, ssd is still to expensive for two 500gb ssds in a raid 0....but maybe problem solves itself soon, only the recording pc or one of his disks will stay on a spindle drive as i dont like recording to the ssds because of the amounts of gb written.


Nice community over here, fast and good feedback, so far no trolls ;-)


Ikon, in tregard to the speed, while writtig i was thinking that maybe 4 blacks use the same power as two velociraptors

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I'm not sure about the power consumption. You would have to check the specs or, better yet, set the system up both ways and measure the power consumption of each using something like a KillAWatt.

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Looking at the specs and the Blacks seem to be the way to go, have some kind of "killawatt" in place, the ones I use are remote, you can connect up to 4 to a wireless remote unit, which is sitting at my desk and monitors power of remote PCs. :D

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