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Windows 8 File History feature, what do you think?


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Guest no-control

Well your SSD shouldn't be that small at current prices(trending) 256-512GB is a lot of space. Besides all of you want to run WS2012e so just redirect personal folders to the domain (roaming profile) and the rest you keep in skydrive. For mail use outlook.com. \cynical

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Let me take these in order:

  1. 512GB is too small for my OS and data combined.
  2. I will not redirect my files to the server. I did that once, and then my server went down and I had no access to my files. Now, I keep the files local and RoboCopy them to my server overnight so I have a backup. A Roaming Profile may be an option since, unless it's changed, it keeps a cached copy of the files on the local drive (in which case 512GB would again be too small).
  3. Skydrive is not really an option due to bandwidth caps, except for a very limited number of files, which doesn't come close to holding all my data.
  4. I will not trust my email to a 3rd party who can be forced by court order (or, in some cases, even without a court order) to turn it all over to gov't agencies.

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Guest no-control


Did you miss this part?????


I'll answer you in the same order IMHO (all joking aside) BTW I'm totally derailing this thread =D

  1. You're doing it wrong. Seriously! Unless this is a mobile platform we're talking about there should only be 2 senarios. A) You have a system drive and a separate drive for data. B)You have a system drive and access network storage (NAS, Server, etc...) Anything else is wasting resources or cash. I would like to watch my movies from anyPC by way of your logic I need a 6TB array at every PC.
  2. That's not how a roaming profile works. It stores it all on the server and/or cloud. It's device agnostic(for the most part). Robocopy every night is not file serving. Its local backup. Not being able to access a server is an administrative issue. Where was your redundancy if up time is an issue?
  3. Cloud sync your roaming profile, bandwidth caps can be managed and mitigated if you use services that are cloud integrated. I take a picture its automagically stored to my phone and within seconds to my skydrive then at night when I charge the phone its also synced to my local storage. Same for any office files. Most music services use an online locker, or streaming. Only real issue then would be video and for the most part that can be streamed as well.
  4. I have a hat for you it made from a special tin alloy. Really? It looooong been known that email is transmitted in the clear. It exists on servers you have no control over. So unless you're encrypting every email sent AND storing them in an encrypted volume locally AND so are the recipients of said email, its obtainable. It's really pretty simple take a page from the mob and keep your shady dealings F2F.

All of your points are valid, but at the same time you need to decide where/how you want to live with your data.

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I have to admit I don't really get the '\cynica'l bit. By that, I mean I don''t understand what it's supposed to mean.

  1. I do indeed have separate OS & data drives on my main rig. The OS drive is a 120GB SSD. I wish it was at least 250, but that will come. My data drive is a 2TB HDD set up as D:. That data does not include movies and other video. Those are on the server and are accessible from any networked PC in the house. So, with proper credentials, is all of my My Documents stuff, since it's copied to the server every night. Of course, I was never suggesting I use RoboCopy to serve video, but you know already know that.
    If I can't access them from the server cause it's down, then that likely means I'm too busy fixing the server to watch videos anyway :) What I'm talking about is basically My Documents, excluding My Audio, My LIbrary, My Music, My Videos, etc. It does, however, include My Pictures because that's where I keep all my photos so I can easily work on them.
    So, in essence, I do have the scenario you stated, but the SSD isn't really big enough to hold all of MS Office and Adobe Creative Suite, plus other software. I would like to put all software onto the SSD for way better load times. Like I said, it will come. And then I will be able to put my current 120GB SSD into my laptop.
  2. You are almost certainly more up to date on Roaming Profiles, so I take your word for it. I just seem to recall that there was a setting for profiles that allowed for the files to be cached locally. It was basically for road warriors who took their laptops well away from the office and had no practical way to connect back to the office. When they did reconnect, a syncing procedure took place to rationalise the files on the laptop and the server. Also, if they connected with a device for the first time, the sync would take place in the background. Maybe I'm thinking of something else -- it was quite a few years ago.
  3. I do have some stuff in the cloud, but only a tiny % of all my data. ATM, I actually do not have a cell phone, so syncing pictures from one is not an issue. Although some forum members really seem to enjoy watching streaming video over the internet from the WHS2011 servers, while away from home, I don't do it at all because, you guessed it, of bandwidth caps.
  4. Well, pretty much all non-encrypted email does get scanned for keywords/phrases on its travels, but really only by automated systems. In practical terms, very little of it is retained anywhere as it passes through -- there just isn't enough storage to hold it all, let alone manage it. Where it gets retained is at its final destinations; the Hotmails, GMails, and Yahoo Mails of the world. That's when it can most easily be compromised, and it's where authorities most often go to get the info. Well, none of these email services have my email - I have it. If they want it, the authorities can come talk to me, not go behind my back.
    There is also the aspect that, if I have a Hotmail account, my email would most likely be stored on a U.S. server, making me subject to U.S. email laws.
    Also, I'm not limited by any arbitrary email service rules, such as how big an attachment I can have in an email, how large my mailbox can be, how long my emails will be retained, etc. I set those rules as I want them.
    Finally, I used to use online email. However, after the 2nd time I had to spend a weekend trying to download and migrate my email to another service because the one I was using was ceasing service, I decided I'd had enough and went searching for my own solution.

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After listening to the podcast, I understand this to be file versioning instead of a shadow copy like product? Is this correct?


That could be good. We use that everyday within SharePoint and it can come in handy.

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